The Icon A1

  • Icon Wheelchair side view
  • Icon Wheelchair front view
  • Icon Wheelchair back view
  • Icon Wheelchair 45deg view

Is it possible for a wheelchair to be revolutionary? We think so. The Icon is adjustable to let you “dial-in” that perfect fit. You don’t need to worry about having to choose permanent specifications that can never be changed after a chair is built.

Your body and your needs are always changing. Your Icon’s geometry will change with you, ensuring a perfect fit right now, and for years to come.

Our suspension design allows it to be set to your exact weight. The compression and rebound can both be tuned to reduce fatigue and give you a custom ride over the bumps of everyday life. There is also a lock-out option for those times when you don’t want suspension.

The modularity of the Icon offers flexibility to change every component, including wheel sizes, and maintain the geometry that’s best for you.

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